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Section 1.1. “Region” shall mean the North Central Region of the Association for Clinical Pastoral

Education, Inc.

Section 1.2. “ACPE” shall mean the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

Section 1.3. “Annual Business Meeting” shall mean the meeting of the membership of the Region which shall occur annually at which time the business of the Region will be conducted.



Section 2.1. Governance. The Region shall function and operate under and be governed by this governance manual and the Administrative Board of the Region in compliance with the Bylaws, Governance, Standards, and directives of the Board of Representatives of ACPE, Inc.

Section 2.2. Purposes. The Region’s purposes shall include:

  1. promoting and facilitating clinical pastoral education in the Region as a part of theological education and as a part of continuing education for the ministry;
  2. recommending, interpreting and implementing the ACPE Standards for clinical pastoral education;
  3. providing  conferences,  venues,  and  communications  for  the  professional  concerns  of  the members; and
  4. providing opportunities for the nurture, pastoral care, and mutual support of the members.



Section 3.1. Eligibility. All members of the ACPE who reside or serve within the boundaries of the Region shall be eligible for membership in the Region.

Section 3.2. Membership Maintenance. Membership is maintained by maintaining membership in ACPE, by meeting ACPE Standards and by payment of membership fees.

Section 3.3. Voting Rights. All ACPE Members residing or serving within the boundaries of the Region are eligible to vote at the Annual Business Meeting and at any other time or times when a vote of the membership is required. The exceptions are Student Affiliates, Center Members and International Affiliate Organization Members, who shall not have voting rights.

Section 3.4. Officers. Only voting members shall be eligible to serve as Regional officers, members of committees of the Region, or NCR representatives on the ACPE Board of Representatives or any ACPE Commissions or Committees.



Section 4.1. Annual Business Meeting. The Annual Business Meeting of the members shall be held at such time and place as may be designated by the Administrative Board. Notice of the meeting shall be communicated at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of the meeting.

Section 4.2. Elections. At the Annual Business Meeting members shall elect representatives to the ACPE Board, shall make nominations for the ACPE Commissions and Committees and shall elect regional officers, administrative board members, and committee members for the Region.

Section 4.3. Quorum. A quorum for any vote is 10% of the membership of the Region with voting rights.

Section 4.4. Proxy. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.



Section 5.1. General Powers. The business and affairs of the Region shall be managed by an Administrative Board.

Section 5.2. Composition. The members of the Administrative Board shall consist of the Chairperson, Chairperson Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and four (4) members at large, at least one of whom will be a member of a minority community of the region. The member at large positions shall be used to ensure inclusive representation.

Section 5.3. Election of Administrative Board Members. Members of the Administrative Board shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee for the Region and elected at the Annual Business Meeting to take office the following January 1. Approximately 1/3 of the Administrative Board will be elected each year according to the following schedule: Chair, Chair Elect, and one member at large; Treasurer and one member at large; Secretary and one member at large.

Section 5.4. Terms of Office. The Chair and Chair elect shall be elected for one three (3) year term. The Secretary, Treasurer, and at large members serve three-year terms and may succeed themselves one time after serving a full term. In the event someone completes a term of office for another member, they are still eligible to complete two full terms of office.

Section 5.5. Meetings and Quorum. The Administrative Board will meet at least twice annually at times determined by the Regional chair who shall give a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior notice. It may meet at additional times as deemed necessary and called for by the Regional Chair or any three (3) Board members. A majority of the members of the Administrative Board shall constitute a quorum.

Section 5.6 Duties of Administrative Board. The Administrative Board shall provide direction, address pastoral and professional concerns of the members, and manage the functions of the North Central Region.

The Administrative Board shall:

  • act on behalf of the Region between designated meetings of the Region;
  1. fill all vacancies until the next Business Meeting;
  2. establish the duties and size, and review and approve the policies and authorities of all Regional Standing Committees and Task Forces in compliance with this governance manual and ACPE Bylaws, Governance, and Standards;
  3. meet once each calendar year for planning and review; invite the input of Regional Committee Chairpersons and designated National Representatives for the purpose of sharing visions and concerns for the Region;
  4. report through the Regional Newsletter and at all business meetings the actions of the Board since the previous business meeting;
  5. evaluate the performance of and establish the compensation package for the Regional Director and other regional staff, as well as provide them consultation, direction and support.
  6. raise funds and make disbursements in accordance with the purposes of the ACPE and the North Central Region.
  7. prepare an annual Income and Expense Budget for adoption by the region at its business meeting;
  8. invest and manage all regional funds, including cash reserves, memorial monies, and center funds which are held by the Region;
  9. annually authorize and receive an independent audit of the Region’s finances to be completed and forwarded to the ACPE office prior to March 15th.
  10. appoint members to the Annual Conference Planning Committee.



Section 6.1. Officers. Officers of the Region shall include a Chairperson, Chairperson Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Section 6.2. Chairperson. The Chairperson shall serve as the Chairperson of the Administrative Board and shall preside at all business meetings of the Region.

Section 6.3. Chairperson-Elect. In the absence or disability of the Chairperson, the Chairperson- Elect shall perform the duties of the Chairperson. The Chairperson-Elect shall take office as the Chairperson upon the completion of the term of the outgoing Chairperson or upon the Chairperson’s resignation or permanent inability to carry out the functions of the office.

Section 6.4. Secretary. The Secretary shall record, keep, and publish for the constituency minutes of all meetings of the Regional Board and all business meetings of the Region.

Section 6.5. Treasurer. The Treasurer shall oversee the financial affairs of the Region, including receiving and reviewing quarterly financial statements, and monitoring the investment portfolio of the Region. He or she will guide the Regional Board in financial decision making and will request the Board establish an Ad Hoc committee to assist in this function when necessary.



Section 7.1. Standing Committees. The standing committees shall be: Accreditation, Annual Conference Planning, Certification, and Nominating.  The elected chair of the accreditation committee and the elected chair of the certification committee are automatically recommended to ACPE to serve on the Accreditation Commission and the Certification Commission respectively.

Section 7.2. Special Committees. The Administrative Board shall have power to create and appoint additional committees and task forces as needed, and approve networks as requested.

Section 7.3. Numbers of Members. In addition to the chairperson, each standing committee shall consist of not fewer than two (2) members. It shall be the responsibility of the Administrative Board to determine the specific number of members on each committee and to change these numbers when deemed advisable.

Section 7.4. Election and Terms of Office. With the exception of the Annual Conference Planning Committee, the members and chairpersons of all standing committees shall be elected at the Annual Business Meeting for a term of three (3) years and shall take office on January 1 of the following year.  Committee members and chairpersons serve three (3) year terms and may succeed themselves one time after serving a full term. In the event someone completes a term of office for another member, they are still eligible to complete two full terms of office.  Committee members shall be elected on a staggered basis so that approximately one-third of each committee shall be elected each year.  No person shall hold more than two (2) elected offices at any given time.

Section 7.5. Nominating Committee.

  1. this committee shall make nominations to the Annual Regional Business Meeting for all regional officers and committee members (with the exception of their own) and all regional representatives   to ACPE Boards, Commissions and Committees.
  2. members of this committee will be nominated and elected for a one year term at the Annual Regional Business Meeting.
  3. there will be minority membership on the Nominating Committee to promote diversity in regional leadership, committees, and representation.

Section 7.6. Annual Conference Planning Committee.

  1. the Annual Conference Planning Committee shall function as the Program Committee for the Annual Conference of the Region.
  2. members of this committee will be appointed by the Board for three year terms staggered in such a way that approximately one-third of the committee will be appointed each year.

Section 7.7. Certification Committee. The Certification Committee shall act on behalf of the ACPE Certification Commission as ordered by the ACPE Standards and the Policies and Procedures of the Certification Commission.

Section 7.8. Accreditation Committee. The Accreditation Committee shall act on behalf of the ACPE Accreditation Commission as ordered by the ACPE Standards and the Policies and Procedures of the Accreditation Commission.



Section 8.1. Regional Director. There shall be a Regional Director, appointed by the Administrative Board, subject to ratification by the members. The appointment shall be reviewed annually by the Board and every two (2) years by the voting membership.

Section 8.2. Duties. The Regional Director shall:

  1. manage the Regional office, publish a newsletter, and perform such other functions as described by the Job Description or assigned by the Administrative Board.
  2. appoint and supervise an administrative assistant who provides secretarial services and manages the Region’s financial activities and provides financial reports.

Section 8.3. Memberships. The Regional Director shall be an ex-officio member of the Administrative Board and of all Committees and Task Forces of the Region.



Section 9.1. Archivist. There shall be an Archivist appointed by the Administrative Board; the appointment shall be reviewed every two (2) years by the Board.

Section 9.2. Duties. The Archivist shall:

  1. supervise the collection, recording, and preservation of historical documents and data of historical significance;
  2. maintain the regional archives and decide what materials are to be placed in the archives;
  3. provide an annual report to the Board and membership on activities related to regional history.



Section 10.1. General Powers. The Administrative Board shall have authority to collect and disburse funds and to order the regional finances in order to:

  1. support regional activities through the work of its officers, committees, and Regional Director, as defined by the budget adopted by the membership annually;
  2. participate responsibly in the financial affairs of the ACPE as directed by the membership;
  3. provide an annual financial report to the ACPE, Inc. at such times as required by ACPE;
  4. provide a financial report to the membership at all Regional business meetings.

Section  10.2. Financial Policies. The Administrative Board shall establish financial policies of the Region, and annually update fee and reimbursement schedules.

Section  10.3. Fiscal Year. The fiscal year shall be the calendar year.



The representatives to the ACPE, Inc. shall be a Regional Director; representative(s) to the ACPE Board of Representatives; members of the ACPE Accreditation, Certification, and Professional Ethics Commissions; members of the ACPE Standards and the ACPE Representation and Nomination Committees. Election to the ACPE Boards, Commissions, and Committees, shall be as defined in the ACPE Bylaws and Governance Manual.



Indemnification for Representatives of the ACPE is defined for this region in the ACPE BYLAWS, Article 13.



Section 13.1. Complaint Procedure. This Region shall abide by the Complaint Procedures as outlined in the ACPE Standards and the ACPE Professional Ethics Manual.

Section 13.2. Appeal Procedure. This region shall abide by the Appeals Procedures outlined in the ACPE Standards and the ACPE Professional Ethics Manual.



This Governance Manual may be altered, amended, or repealed by a 2/3 vote of the eligible voting members present and voting at a meeting of the Region at which there is a quorum. Notice of the general nature of the proposed change shall be given to the membership at least l5 days before the meeting in which it is to be acted upon. The meeting of the voting members may amend the proposed change and adopt the amended proposal provided that the amendment is germane to the subject of   the original proposal of change.

Any amendment of this Governance Manual shall become effective when approved by the Board of Representatives of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.


Date adopted by the North Central Region: October 15, 2002

Date approved by the ACPE Board of Representatives: November 15, 2002

Date amended by North Central Region: May 2, 2004

Date approved by the ACPE Board of Representatives: November 9, 2004.

Date amended by the North Central Region: October 9, 2011

Date approved by the ACPE Board of Representatives: November 6, 2011

Date amended by the North Central Region:  October 20, 2014

Date approved by the ACPE Board of Representatives:   November 16, 2014


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